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  • Markus Obermair - Customer Behavior and Customer Experience


  • Rubins Tilting Figure

    What do we perceive?

  • Gestalt Psychology

    "There are contexts in which not what happens in the whole derives from how the individual pieces are and are composed, but vice versa, where - in a concise case - what happens in a part of this whole is determined by the internal structural laws of this whole." (Wertheimer, 1924)

  • Environmental Psychology

    "... people's reactions to all environments fall into one of two main categories, approach or avoidance." (Mehrabian, 1976)

  • Physical Customer Experience

    "In some cases, the place, more specifically the atmosphere of the place, is more influential than the product itself in the purchase decision. In some cases, the atmosphere is the primary product." (Kotler, 1973)

Market research:
- General consumer behaviour
- Pedestrian Behaviour in public spaces
- Consumer behaviour in physical store environments

Analysis, development and implementation of physical customer experience.

Featured Work

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Customer Behaviour - Customer Experience - Visual Merchandising - Warenpräsentation - Gestalt-Principles