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business psychologist | economist | visual merchandiser

I see the (physical) customer experience as a system in which digital and analog triggers complement each other perfectly. However, the brick and mortar features must be highlighted in order to create a unique, harmonious and holistic customer experience. This should be based on perceptual psychology, gestalt (design and form) principles and ultimately on consumer behaviour.

Since my apprenticeship as a Visual Merchandiser, I have been deeply involved with the topic of Customer Experience. Even though this term has only recently found its way into German usage, I have built my (late) extra-occupational studies especially on it. I wanted to know how and why designs, placements and campaigns influence customer behaviour in brick and mortar retail.

After several years in the area of retail customer experience, I changed industry for family reasons and did not return until 2011, when I took over the management of visual merchandising at Sport Eybl and Sports Experts - however, even during my retail absence, the customers were always the focus of my activities.

In 2016 I took over the management of POS and merchandising at Intersport Austria (AT, CZ, HU and SK). My individual Master's degree in Business Psychology  was also approved in 2016 and I was able to complete it in 2019 with my Master's thesis: "Gestalt principles and satisfaction in brick and mortar retail". This was followed in 2018 by the move to Leder & Schuh AG (AT, DE and CEE), where I developed and implemented customer oriented visual merchandising guidelines.

While the development of a customer-oriented shopping atmosphere has always been the focus of my work, the time was ripe at the beginning of 2020 to focus even more on the field of customer experience. Since my engagement at the Institute for Retailing, Sales and Marketing at the Johannes Kepler University Linz in October 2020, I have been intensively reasearching the topic of consumer behavior, especially in physical environments (stationary retail, city centers).  Thus, I am very excited about interesting and inspiring projects.